Version 4.0 - first part

The first part of the new Volume collection contains some new or updated shaders, but no new Volume Shader.
You have to use the last version of the volume shader which is implemented with Softimage.

   Fluid Shader
  • Render fluid cache files inside Softimage
  • Render emFluid inside Softimage
  • Load fluid cache files from Maya or Blender
  • Support for simulated texture coordinates
  • Polygon BBox
  • In Development: Motion Blur
  • In Development: Realtime display
  • In Development: openVBD, field3D support

   License for Volume v4.0 First Part

The First Part can be used for non-commercial and commercial purposes. But you have to send something back to Binary Alchemy. Special Deals are possible.
This can be:

If is from a production, please state if or when the image can be made public.

Commercial Version for sale?
As there are is not enough feedback and requests, I have decided not to release a commercial version in the next time.

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All shaders are available via a restricted forum section.
The shader is now only available if you register in my forum and then ask for permission via an email (Tell me your forum login name, for the email see the header of this website )
or post a thread with your work in my forum: Binary Alchemy Forum